Stax reef rock 9.8 KG
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Stax reef rock 9.8 KG

Stack up your aquascape with stax!


Item#: TLFSTAX120
Manufacturer: Two Little Fishies

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Two Little Fishies STAX

Flat Porous oolitic limestone, cut on both sides for ease of stacking
100% natural, never any chemicals or additives
Sustainably collected
>For Marine or Freshwater 

Provides stable structure and limitless creative fun
Use with mortar to make open, gravity defying structures
with lots of horizontal surface for attaching live corals
Average size 3"-5", approx. 1" thick
Perfect for building a Nano scape or adding to your existing structures, reef safe and ready to go into any aquarium

Glues together easily with putty or gel

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