Serenity Digital Refractometer
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Serenity Digital Refractometer

Measure the salt levels in your aquarium.


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Measure the specific gravity, percentage of salt and temperature of your water with this super accurate little device.

Whilst technically not a refractometer, it will measure specific gravity, but remember that it is only accurate at or around  25 degrees Celcius as the density of the water varies as temperature goes up or down, so it is important to check the temperature also.

Salinity is a true measurement of the concentration of salt in the ocean and is calculated as the total weight of ‘dry’ salt dissolved in a total of 1000 weight units of water or parts per thousand, (ppt).   Salinity is a pure weight per weight measurement and as weight is not influenced by temperature then neither is salinity.

The generally accepted standard salinity for natural seawater is 35ppt.

To measure the actual salinity (ppt) the device gives you a reading of percentage say 3.30, then your salinity is 33.0 ppt

Features an LCD display, low battery alarm.

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