Red Sea Flora Root 100g
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Red Sea Flora Root 100g

Ideal mineral source for plant roots



Item#: Red Sea Flora Root
Manufacturer: Red Sea

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Red Sea Flora Root 100g for 100L

Ideal mineral source for plant roots

Flora Root is a hard granule, high in natural laterite that is designed to be mixed with aquarium gravel, replicating the natural substrates in which aquatic plants flourish.

In nature, bacteria that inhabit these substrates break down root acids, enabling the roots to take up the nutrients they require as and when they need them.
Rich in Iron and trace elements
Encourages vibrant plant growth & vitality
To be mixed in new aquarium substrate
Add 10g / 0.35 oz for each 10 liters / 2.5 gal of water
Includes “Actiflora” – to increase the availability of minerals to the roots

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