Photosynthesis Pro Co2 kit single outlet
  • 61t-co614

Photosynthesis Pro Co2 kit single outlet

Co2 valve, cylinder and diffuser kit


Item#: 61T-CO614
Manufacturer: Other

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1. Being cost-effective and convenient for the user.

2. One of the best features of the product is its clean lines and minimalist design.

3. Pass DOT & EN: Cylinders are passed DOT & EN, one by one check, Individualized ID record.

4. Match up with the multifunctional regulator could show the best effect.

5. All in 1 : Overall combine CO2 long testing, check valve, bubble counter, micro-diffuser are operating at same time.

6. outlet : Single outlet entire tank filled uniformly dispersed, so that each of the plants have absorbed enough CO2, plants are healthy,fresh and green, or share in two small tank.
7. Co2 bottle ships empty, it will require filling before use.

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