New Era Shrimp Pellet 60g
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New Era Shrimp Pellet 60g

New Era Shrimp Pellet 60g



Item#: 505000
Manufacturer: New Era

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New Era is changing! Soon the name will change to Vitalis...Don't worry, it will still be the same top quality food from the same company, just with a new name and some different graphics! As the new food comes through we will be adding it to orders, so you may receive this brand if you ordered New Era.
New Era Shrimp Pellets 60g (1mm) High Algae content designed for freshwater shrimps such as Neocaridina soft pellet that sinks All Natural ingredients
available in a Small 1mm pellet. The soft pellets are ideal for small shrimp with a soft texture and fresh smell to help in food location. for all Freshwater Shrimp
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