NemProtect wavemaker guard for VorTech MP60W Propeller Pump
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NemProtect wavemaker guard for VorTech MP60W Propeller Pump

Protect your Anemones and small critters from being sucked in to the wave maker!



Item#: NPMP60

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Wave Maker Protector Guards to fit the wet sides of the Ecotech Vortech MP10wQD (Quiet Drive), MP40wQD (Quiet Drive), MP60wQD (Quiet Drive) wave makers.

Protect your tank occupants with wave maker protector guards.

These reef safe guards are made from marine safe PETG material and are designed to stop anemones and small tank mates from getting sucked into and stuck inside your wave makers.

The newly developed covers have had a specific safe zone designed inside them allowing more flow to pass through them compared to a traditional foam cover which clogs and requires more frequent cleaning. These guards are designed to easily clip over the wet side of the wave maker making installation and periodic cleaning easy to do.

Simply remove the wet side of the wave maker from your tank and remove any coralline algae or debris from it. Place the wave maker on a flat surface and push the guard evenly over the wave maker until it clicks into place. Finally clip the lid of the guard onto the front and place the whole unit back into your tank. We recommend periodic cleaning to ensure flow is not reduced through blockages.

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