Max Mix CO² Reactor 2000L/H
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Max Mix CO² Reactor 2000L/H

Max Mix CO² Reactor 2000L/H EXPERT'S CHOICE


Item#: I-529
Manufacturer: Ista

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Max Mix CO² Reactor 2000L/H   EXPERT'S CHOICE

A sufficient CO² ,O3 supply is one crucial factor in maintaining a healthy and thriving water plant tank, and a powerful CO² reactor can be a great help.
Expert's Choice Max Mix CO² Reactor 2000L/H is designed to do just that!

With a patented impeller design, it completly crushes the CO2 bubbles.
Compact in size, it can be used both internally and externally.
Durable to acidity and impact resistant.
Designed to prevent CO2 bubbles from collecting at the top.
Easy to clean and simple to maintain.

Recomended water flow 1000-2000L/H

Made in Taiwan

Admin Ista

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