HLD-800 Ozone Sterilizer
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HLD-800 Ozone Sterilizer

HLD-800 Ozone Sterilizer



Item#: HLD-800
Manufacturer: Hailea

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HLD-800 Ozone Sterilizer

    High efficency of sterilization:The sterilization of ozone is 1.5~5 times than ultraviolet light does,300~3000 times faster than chlorine.
    Wide usage:Ozone has the function of killing germs, virus, and microbes.
    Economy and convenience:It adopts air and oxygen as raw materials, it requires no medicine and additive.
    Non second time pollution: It has no remainder after reaction and no affection for the trace element of mineral water.

Technical Data

    Power: 7w
    Voltage: 230-240V
    Output: 3.5L/min
    O3 Output: 100Mg/h
    Weight: 0.9kg
    Size: 1860x137x63

To preserve warranty, use air drying beads before air enters machine.
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