Supreme Aqua Gold & Koi Fish Flake food 500G In Resealable Bag
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Supreme Aqua Gold & Koi Fish Flake food 500G In Resealable Bag

SUPREME AQUA food is the best and most economical way to buy your fish food.


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Manufacturer: Supreme Aqua

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SUPREME AQUA food is the best and most economical way to buy your fish food. Comes in 500G thick resealable plastic bags full of: Fish meal, shrimp meal, Soybean flour, KELP, PLANKTON, ALGAE, meal, yeast, daphnia, brine shrimp, carrot, various vitamins and minerals for your fish.

These bags do not have a use by date because they are vacuum packed to keep the freshness in.

Contains no artificial flavour and colouring.

This is guaranteed not to cloud the water.


Protein 45% min

Crude Fat 5% min

Crude Fibre 2% max

Moisture 8% Max

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The most trusted name in ponds and water gardening!
Another Superior Product from Ecological Laboratories
Contains Antibiotics to PROTECT Your Koi and Goldfish
Probiotics (DFM): Direct-fed microbials (DFM) began in the early 1950’s when researchers observed a positive growth response in animals fed with antibiotics. Chickens that were fed small amounts of antibiotics mixed in with their food were healthier and grew faster than the test group not fed antibiotics! This led researchers to theorize that intestinal microflora may play a role in health and vitality of animals kept in close quarters and exposed to germs and viruses. Continued research has determined that a delicate balance exists in the intestinal tract between beneficial and potentially harmful bacteria. It was found studying cold water fish, that the balance of these 2 bacterial groups in the fish’s intestines is an important factor which can be upset by stresses, such as shipping, changes in diet, water quality, water temperature, environment and the addition of new aquatic life. If the beneficial intestinal bacteria decreases, and the harmful bacteria increases, a fish will get sick and will be in a very weakened state prone to disease and death. This is especially risky if this happens before going into the winter hibernation state which is stressful and cause winter kill of your weakened Koi and Goldfish.
Koi and goldfish have no stomach! They use their intestinal tract for digestion. It is important that enzyme producers survive and germinate there. Because of their efficient enzyme production and other metabolite producing capabilities for intestinal tract conditions, Ecological Laboratories, Inc. has specifically selected two strains of Bacillus (B. subtilis and B. licheniformis) for inclusion in all of its fish foods. We call them Nature’s Building Blocks.
FDA (USA) and EU (European Union) Approved: These bacteria have been tested for 1) strain stability, 2) efficacy and 3) safety. Extensively studied, they were found to be genetically stable, non-genetically modified, produce no toxins, and being naturally occurring organisms, environmental impact studies show these strains pose no threat to the environment. In short they are safe and good for your fish.
Probiotics also show the following characteristics:
- • Form spores to survive extrusion conditions.
- • Produce naturally occurring nonpathogenic microorganisms.
- • Utilize large numbers of carbohydrates for growth.
- • Produce and secrete a variety of relevant enzymes, e.g. protease, lipase and amylase which break down carbohydrates, proteins and fats into smaller, more easily digested nutrients used for growth, health and vitality!


Dr. Carl Webster

Fact: This is the finest cold-water fish food formula on the market today for professional Koi and Goldfish keeping. Manufactured from the highest quality ingredients selected for optimum growth and the latest technology available for digestibility and color enhancement, all these fish foods contain the lowest ash content.
Formulation History: Dr. Carl Webster has served as our consultant in the formulation of the Microbe-Lift 7-Day Nutritional Feeding System. Dr. Webster is currently a professor at Kentucky State University, one of the top aquaculture research centers in the United States, and is also a principal investigator for aquaculture nutrition.
Education: In addition to earning his Ph.D. in Aquaculture (finfish and crustacean nutrition) from Auburn University in 1989, Dr. Webster received his B.A. in Zoology from Drew University in 1982 and his Master’s degree in Herpetology from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville in 1984.
Research Focus: Dr. Webster’s research is focused on: clarifying the nutritional requirements of aquaculture species with actual or potential economic importance to the United States; designing and implementing basic and applied nutritional experiments on finfish and crustacean aquaculture species; designing and developing a finfish and crustacean nutrition program; and assisting interested producers and feed mills in formulation of nutritious, economically viable aquaculture diets. Currently, Dr. Webster is working on crustacean/finfish nutrition and diet formulation.
About Koi and Goldfish: Classified as “omnivores”, those who eat foods derived from plants or animals. Koi will eat practically anything humans will! It’s important to make sure your koi and pond fish get fed a daily diet that is well balanced. The Microbe-Lift 7-Day Nutritional Feeding System will achieve maximum health benefits by providing the highest levels of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and water (moisture content), thereby strengthening the fish’s immune system and enabling the fish to produce needed body heat, energy and growth. Due to their individual size, sex, environment and genetic make-up, each koi has its own individual nutritional requirements. In general, Koi are ravenous feeders and will consume a lot of food in short periods. So while it is important to feed them at least twice a day, morning and evening, smaller and more frequent feedings are the preferred method.

7-Day Microbe-Lift Diet Plan


It is very important to fatten your koi up in the fall. This extra fat helps them make it through long winters when they go dormant, preventing any chance of winter kill due to lack of nutrition exposing them to disease or starvation.

In nature Koi would eat nonstop all they could in the late summer. But being trapped in your pond they can only eat what you give them and they depend on you for life sustaining food. We are all told not to overfeed them because the uneaten food will make your water bad. This is a delicate balance of feeding them plenty and keeping your water conditions right.

Koi dormancy (similar to a bear's hibernation state) causes them to be in a weakened state for months without food in winter climates. Drawing on their fat reserves keeps disease or simple starvation from taking them down. For example, let's say your water temps start to go down in October to 55 degrees and in mid October it goes down to 50. In August and September, when the water is still warm, you need to start feeding them more adding to their fat reserves. When the water temp drops to 55 start feeding them the wheat based cold water food until the water gets to 50, then stop feeding altogether until spring when the water gets back up to 50. Then start the wheat based food until the water temp gets back up to 55. So fatten those babies up!