Blumen Bright Large 150W DE
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Blumen Bright Large 150W DE

Metal Halide /High Pressure Sodium Blumen Bright Large Reflectors 150W Double Ended bulbs



Item#: Blumen Bright Large Reflectors Lumenarc III
Manufacturer: Bubble Magus

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Metal Halide /High Pressure Sodium Blumen Bright Large Reflectors 150W Double Ended

This Item is the exact same as Lumenarc III

Brand New Reflectors for Aquarium and Hydroponic applications.  

The material is made from German metal fabricator, Alanod. It has a 95% reflective mirror finish. Reflector has optical facets surrounding the lamps to maximize every possible light reflection. It has an adjustable socket assembly with a 4Meters cord attached, which allows for 150w, lamps. The Blumen Bright is available in a mini or large size as well as a SE pendant or FC2 base DE pendant. Each pendant has a Aluminum matte finish for a clean look. Fittings also come with hang kit included.

Separate brackets to sit on top of aquarium's are for sale as a separate item in two different widths to suit most aquariums.

The most popular reflector on the market today! It delivers an intense and more precise light distribution pattern over a significantly broader area at higher ceiling heights than conventional reflectors are capable of. It features 12 optically engineered facets surrounding the lamp. It also features an adjustable socket assembly that is capable of centering high wattage Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium lamps within the reflector. It has the most even distribution and highest reflectivity of any reflector on the market.

Please note, Reflector does not come with ballast or control gear.

    weight: 1.5KG

    Size: 495x495x215mm

    150W Double Ended

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