Blue Planet Praziquantel Tablets 25 pk
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Blue Planet Praziquantel Tablets 25 pk

Control diseases in the aquarium



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Manufacturer: Blue Planet

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Blue Planet Fluke and Tapeworm Tablets are a very effective medication for internal and external worms such as tape worm, round worm anchor worm etc.

It has been known to control Camallanus worm, but will not erradicate the spores completley.

They are also very good at controlling flukes in marine fish.


Use 1 Tablet per 20 liters
After 48 hours from Inital Treatment change 25% of Aquarium water and clean filter medium.
Repeat Dose 7 days later to prevent re-infestation.

Use with Caution when treating aquariums that containing Snails or Catfish (Corydoras spp and Ancistris) and invertebrates. If adverse effects occur, discontinue treatment and change 50% of aquarium water.

 dissolve tablets in water before addition to the aquarium.

Active Ingredients:
100g Praziquantel

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