Aqua Tech NAUPS 8oz
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Aqua Tech NAUPS 8oz

Aqua Tech NAUPS 8oz


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Aqua-Tech Co. Naups - Enriched Baby Brine Shrimp
NAUPS is quite simply two sizes of Brine Shrimp Nauplii, harvested within 12 hours of hatch and enriched with S.E.L.C.O. Boost.
NAUPS is an ideal diet for freshwater and saltwater fish breeders, reef enthusiasts, and those looking for a small nutritious and attractive treat for both freshwater and marine specimens without the hassle of hatching and enriching brine shrimp.
Contains two species and sizes of brine shrimp. Also useful in inspiring newly added fish to eat.
Great for mandarins, coral, seahorses
EPA and DHA Enriched
Vitamin C Stabilized
Ideal for breeders
Appetite stimulant
Attractive to coral- 420-450 micron
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