Aqua-Pics Marine KH Generator 250g
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Aqua-Pics Marine KH Generator 250g

Saltwater conditioner.



Item#: MK250G
Manufacturer: Aqua-Pics

In Stock



Marine kH Generator
Phosphate free.
As marine life needs a stable environment, our Marine kH Buffer raises carbonate hardness, locking the pH at around 8.4pH.
It also helps to maintain high alkalinity, stopping pH fluctuations, creating pH stability and reducing stress on fish and corals.
Add 1 heaped teaspoon to 20 litres of water to raise carbonate hardness by approximately 9dkH (160ppm)
Aqua-Pics products are made by an Australian owned company and have been tried and tested in Australian conditions.
Top quality conditioners and treatments made by hobbyists for hobbyists!
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