Aqua One Quick Drop PH kit 4.5 to 10 PH
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Aqua One Quick Drop PH kit 4.5 to 10 PH

Wide range PH test kit



Item#: 92051
Manufacturer: Aqua-One

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Test Kit PH Freshwater 4.5-10 QuickDrop Ecomomy

Regular testing and maintenance of water parameters is important for the health of fish, plants and coral. Aqua One test kits make it easy to balance a range of organic compounds helping to maintain a healthy aquarium.

Additional Info:

  • Item Code: 92051
  • Description: Freshwater PH Test Kit 4.5 - 10
  • Testing Range: PH 4.5 - 10
  • Efficiency: up to 60 tests

Suitable for: Coldwater and Tropical

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