CaribSea Bio-Magnet Clarifier 236ml
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CaribSea Bio-Magnet Clarifier 236ml

CaribSea Bio-Magnet Clarifier 237ml



Item#: Bio-Magnet Clarifier 237ml
Manufacturer: Carib Sea

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CaribSea Bio-Magnet Clarifier 236ml

Cloudy aquarium water is caused by fine suspended particles such as algae, silt, and bacteria.
These particles usually carry a negative charge as does most filter media. The filter media, therefore, repels these particles, and water can remain continually cloudy. Bio-Magnet imparts a positive electrical charge as a bacterial attractant.
This unique formula quickly seeks out and encapsulates the suspended particles, enabling the positively charged particles to be drawn to the filter. Particles caught in the filter are broken down by bacteria, and suspended bacteria are now repositioned onto strata where they are most efficient.
The result Crystal clear water, fast and a better biological filter

Bio Magnet™ clarifier can be used for any tank whether fresh or saltwater

How does Bio Magnet™ Clarifier work?

Bio Magnet™ Clarifier is a positively charged flocculent.  This means that is attracts negatively charged particles such as bacteria, dust, algae, or anything else that could cloud water.  Once it has “clumped” these particles together it settles on another negatively charged substrate such as a filter pad or matrix or the tanks substrate.  This effectively removes them from the water column.

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