Aquarline 300W S/S Heater + Electronic Thermostat
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Aquarline 300W S/S Heater + Electronic Thermostat

300W S/S Heater + Electronic Thermostat



Item#: 300w Aquarline

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Aquarline 300W S/S Heater + Electronic Thermostat

Electronic Thermostat with 300W stainless steel heater  

This heater includes the following safety features.  

Audible alarm sounds when the water level around the heater is too low

External temperature adjustments

Neon indicator for mains power onTemperature range adjustable between 16 & 32 degrees.

Low voltage electronic probe accurate to + - 0.5degrees.

Stainless Steel heaters are not suited for marine aquariums (Yes I know that is common sense)


Best for a marine aquarium will be our titanium heaters.

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  1. Would love it if it lasted more then 1 winter Review by Karl

    My initial thoughts are that the system appeared to be of good quality for the price, it was replacing a glass type heater that lasted almost 10 years. During the heaters operation I never had any problems but it was switched off over summer and now that it has cooled down again I attempted to switch it back on but just received an audible alarm.

    The presence of the alarm is a great feature however it was unfortunate to find that the heater element had what appears to be a rust type substance protruding from the plastic end of the element. Hopefully this is a one off, or the issue has been resolved but I might just have to dig a little deeper for the replacement as the potential of replacing annually puts a different perspective to the purchase price. (Posted on 4/05/14)

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