3 Stage Reverse Osmosis Unit 50 Gallons Per Day
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3 Stage Reverse Osmosis Unit 50 Gallons Per Day

3 Stage Reverse Osmosis Unit 50 Gallons Per Day


Item#: 50G RO UNIT50-300
Manufacturer: WaveReef

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3 Stage Reverse Osmosis Unit 50 Gallons Per Day
tap connector included for easy installation. Entry-level unit with 3 stages.
Description of unit The unit consists of four sections. The central membrane chamber is flanked on both sides by a sediment filter and an activated carbon filter. The unit is also fitted with a flow regulator, this ensures that the quantities of permeate (usable water) and concentrate (waste water) are balanced and ensure the best conditions for the membrane. Membrane. The membrane is supplied separately and needs to be installed before operation. The membrane is dry preserved. This method has advantages over the older wet preservation method and means that the membrane can be stored for longer and prevents damage by frost in winter. Filter A sediment pre-filter, and an activated carbon filter are fitted as standard. This means that the unit maybe used irrespective of sediment and chlorine content of the untreated water provided it conforms to European drinking water standards. The water should always flow through the activated carbon filter before the sediment pre-filter. This prevents any dusts from the carbon which may shake loose during transport reaching the membrane and reducing performance. Please be advised that R/O units are best installed either in a garage or a weather protected outside area as the risk of leakage could damage internal fixings. We are not responsible for any damage caused by leakage.
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