MVAVA LED Light 3FT 240 Watt LED Sun Series 2 with remote
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MVAVA LED Light 3FT 240 Watt LED Sun Series 2 with remote

90CM Long (3ft) 240 WATT MVAVA LED SUN SERIES 2 (10watt emitters) Full Dimming



Item#: MA23090
Manufacturer: MVAVA

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90CM Long  (3ft) 240 WATT MVAVA LED SUN SERIES 2 (10watt emitters) Full Dimming
SPECS: 906L X 300W X 30mmH

12 X 10 WATT White & 84 X 1WATT Blue EMITTERS

White 14000k/blue 460nm (marine)- Fresh 5000-6500K (daylight)

240V 50hz Australian Approved

Modular system: Easy to add one more module in length or width to adapt to your needs and aquarium size.  

INTRODUCING MVAVA PHOTOELECTRIC LED AQUARIUM PRODUCTS featuring simple and innovative cooling principles by eliminating the need for fans. There are no moving parts and therefore are less complicated and more reliable.

VARIABLE REMOTE DIMMER SETUP. Watch your fish and coral come alive as they respond to changing light conditions as in nature. Customize to suit your tanks individual needs or taste. Full sunset and sunrise, full separate control for white and blue LED’s. Choose from 15% to 100% dimming, choose the length of sun rise/set  separately. This unit  truly gives you full control of your lighting needs and spectrum, all done on the remote control included with the light. In terms of value for money and lumen output per dollar these products are right up there as state of the art technology.

The blue/white configuration provides the ideal wavelength for optimal growth of corals and marine organisms, including fish growth and health.

LED light configurations are also available for applications in lengths up to 1200mm & 200Watts

WE GUARANTEE you are getting the best possible price on some of the best technologically advanced LED aquarium systems available on the market today.... We are constantly adding to our inventory to bring you the hobbyist the very best and latest In LED AQUARIUM LIGHTING


Be Sure to select your preferred installation option from the accessories.

BE SURE TO BUY YOUR PREFERRED INSTALLATION OPTION. This light comes wilt no installation kit.


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